Welcome to FS.com 2.0

  Fated Succession US-Frostwolf, is an established and devoted raiding guild, positioning ourselves to be among the top 50 US guilds. The general atmosphere in FS is an uncensored, adult social setting with a good splash of humor. At the moment we are reviewing potential raiders to bolster our 20 man mythic roster.  We want "fresh-to-death" players who have progressed through the more demanding content in World of Warcraft when it was current, such as M'uru in Sunwell Plateau or Twin Emps in AQ. We are looking for reliable, top notch team players who are accustomed to theorycrafting and mastering encounter mechanics.

Without a doubt you are now wondering how you too can be a part of this endeavor. The answer is a simple one: contact us in game immediately.

Tsunade Bnet: Nikki#1862
Kesha Bnet: Brookllyn#1355
Watuzzi Bnet: Watuzzi#1119


FS Streams